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Pastor Hugo Vásquez is our Lead Pastor.  He grew up in Reynosa, México. He admits he was the "black sheep" of his family in his younger years but when God got ahold of his heart, something changed deep within.  Pastor Hugo knows now that God had been preparing his heart to be a pastor and shares how grateful he is that God freed him from the self-destructive life he was living. He is so thankful that God gave him hope and showed him that there is "more to life" than he was living.


Pastor Rachel Patmos is our Administrative Pastor.  She grew up locally in Hamilton, Michigan.  Rachel developed a relationship with Christ in college.  Since that moment, she has wanted to share the Good News of freedom and hope in Jesus Christ with those around her, which led her to serving as a missionary in Managua, Nicaragua and locally with Barnabas Ministries.  The Lord then brought her to Eagle's Wings Church so that He could continue teaching her and using her to lead people into a relationship with Jesus Christ.





Vision:  Establish the kingdom of God on the earth.



To Grow...

in our faith and relationship with God, in our relationships with one another, making disciples of Christ through teaching and the application of His Word.


To Transform...

our community showing the love of God and teaching families in a complete way (spiritually and intellectually) in order to make an eternal impact on our world.

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